Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay so our Wedding Reception is less then six weeks away. We will have been married for a year when we have the reception. Our relationship never did follow the norm. Sometimes it bugs me that we didn't follow the traditional engagement then marriage rout but oh well. We got married first then got "engaged." Rather silly but I got an engagement ring out of it and I love that ring. Unfortunately, my wedding band is all scratched up and lacks luster. I'd like a new band but we'll wait on it for a while.
Anyways, getting back on track. The husband and I couldn't agree on whether or not we should hire a DJ. We did. I told him that if he had really wanted to do our own music he should have been working on it a few months ago. I think it's easier to have someone do the work for you. We also hired a the Taco Man. He's a taco caterer. They make and serve the tacos. It's pretty convenient. We're also having a couple of aunts bring potato salad and salsa. We're going to serve nachos and veggie platters as appetizers. I need to order a keg and buy some wine.

Things are starting to seem real. I'm getting a little worried about things turning out well. The husband's aunt and cousin are going to set up and decorate the room. I have most of the decorations done. I still need to order flowers through Costco. You can't get cheaper flowers than that. I was going to make a few mason jar candle holders but then I realized that I bought a lot more glass center pieces than I needed. I figure I can use the extras on our sweet heart table.

The thing I'm having the most trouble with is finding a pair of shoes that I like and aren't $75+ dollars. There a ton of shoes I like but since I have wide feet and their online I don't want to risk it. So far there's a couple of pairs of shoes I like from TUK. They're pretty nice but I would really like to try them on. I really like these . I'm going to do my own hair and make-up. I might go to Sephora and ask them some nice retro colors for me. I've lost some of my tan so I might need a new powder.

I still need to make my lace bolero and finish working on my petticoat. I don't know if I'm going to need it but I'd still like to get it done. I have to make my flower hair piece too. I don't know what jewelry I'm going to wear. I might wear some of the vintage jewelry I've bought recently. I might wear these earrings Photobucket with a simple pearl necklace. I don't know I might change my mind tomorrow.

It looks like might finally get some rain up here. The weatherman said possible rain tomorrow. Here's hoping. I miss the rain. It's super windy today and cold. Yesterday morning it was 10 degrees F out. I don't mind it so much but then again I don't really venture out.

Until next time , Ta!

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