Friday, December 30, 2011

Post Christmas and Pre New Year's

I always have a hard time writing things down when it gets close to the end of the year. Everything is so rushed the last to weeks of the year. Most of the times I enjoy it since I can usually go shopping to take my mind off of things. However, since we only own one care and the nearest shopping center is 15 miles away I can't do much shopping. Nor should I really. We're waiting for Husband to get his paycheck. He has this job but things are getting a little too close for comfort.

Anyways, I got a electric hand mixer and Hang Over Part 2 DVD from the husband, a nice, fluffy pair of slippers from my mother-in-law. My mom sent me a Baby Jesus for my Nativity set. Coincidentally enough, I only have the Baby Jesus. I need to find a Virgin Mary and Joseph of appropriate size. I also got quite a bit of Christmas money. I haven't decided entirely what I want. There's a few things that I want to get to add to my sewing things. I want to buy some marking chalk, some long pins, a sock loom and yarn, and a few yards of fabrics. I also want to get a purse or two.

I'm trying to get my Retro wardrobe started but I haven't had a chance to get going on it. I have a few pairs of gloves, a few necklaces, earrings and a couple of purses.I'd really like to get a purse like this I need to work on getting some shoes and actual clothes. I have a few patterns I've bought whenever Joann's has a patterns sales and have bought a couple of vintage patterns. Of course I need to alter them since they're WAY too small. I also have a bridal petticoat that I need to alter to make it shorter. I also want to make a few pairs of gloves. I have great aspirations for sewing but sometimes I get side tracked. I'll post pics of the fabrics that I have. Some are really cute.

My mom and kids ( brother and sister) are coming up this weekend! The husband and I are really excited to see them. We've missed them. I don't know what we'll do but I'm sure we'll figure something out. Maybe we'll take them to Reno or up to Lake Tahoe. It's super windy and cloudy. It's making my feet cold.

The husband and I need to take some pics for our reception slide show. I've already picked out some pics from the portfolio but I think we need more. I wanted to do an engagement session (although we've weren't ever really engaged) just so we have some nice pics of us together. We have tons of pics of each other but not enough of US. I guess we'll see if it works out.

Well, I gotta get back to cleaning the house and finishing up the reception invitations. Until next year. :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Job New Beginnings

Jesse started his new job yesterday. We had to get up early. 7 a.m. is early for us especially since we we're sleeping on a swing shift schedule. He likes the job which makes me very happy. I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands now. Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the mess in the living room. Let me tell you I had been in a funk since Jesse had lost his job. I didn't feel like cooking, cleaning, or crafting. It was depressing for me to see my new husband so desolate. There were days when I was afraid he might hurt himself.
Both of our moods are a lot better now. I feel motivated to clean and cook. I made my mom's Christmas present yesterday. I made her an apron. It'll match the one I made myself. I miss her and my siblings. There's days when I feel like calling her up and telling her to meet me at our favorite sushi place. Then I remember she's 400 miles away and I wont see her for another 2 months. My mom is my best friend. We can talk about anything and not be shy. I miss waking up to her popping her head in my room to make sure I wouldn't be late to work. Or how she used to buy me little things like socks or a shirt just because. I miss spending time with her, laying in her bed, talking about anything the most though.
This is a picture of us the last time we were together when my in-laws gave us a Farewell Party.Photobucket
I really love this picture. It's silly and I love how we all look happy. Genuinely happy. I hope our reunions are always this happy and loving.

My mother-in-law was able to get the room at the community center for half the price. Which is totally awesome. That cuts our cost by $500. I made arrangements for our reception cake with Zoe and Bailey's CupCakery in Orange. We having a nerdy cake: Photobucket We both really love Super Mario games. I wanted to make our cake toppers to be a pair of Goombas. The bride Goomba would wear a white veil with a flower or two. The groom Goomba would wear a black top hat. Jesse said he'd rather have Princess Peach and Mario. I'm no blonde, but maybe I can paint her hair. There's a thought. I guess we still have time to figure it out.

I'll be making tamales for Christmas this year. It just going to be Jesse, Ridley, and I this year. Our families are too far away and we can drive down. Hopefully everything will go well.
That's it for now. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good News

My husband was able to find a job and we won't have to move! We found out on Friday and proceeded to tell everyone. I am so grateful to the Virgen de Guadalupe. I promised her my hair if she would helps Jesse find a job. So I cut off about 6 inches of my hair. This is the first time in over 10 years that my hair is short.
I miss my long hair but it's a lot easier to take care of short hair. Jesse likes long hair but oh well.
That same day we went out and bought our first Christmas tree as a married couple. We bought a 4 foot Noble Fir. I really wanted to buy an artificial tree but Jesse wouldn't hear of it. I had been buying ornaments at estate sales and thrift stores. Once I get batteries for my camera I'll post some pictures. I made a tree skirt and Christmas bunting to hang over the tree. I want to make stocking for Jesse, Ridley, and I but I don't know if I'm going to have them done in time.

Our wedding reception is about 2 months away. We're trying to buckle everything down and get things in order. We're going to have a Super Mario cake. Next month I need to buy the plates, forks, and napkins. Maybe order the flowers too. Things tend to come about a lot quicker when you're worried about money.

That's all for now. Things are looking up, thank God.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Long Time No Post

I kinda forgot I started a new blog. Oops. I guess I can use this blog as my new point of life.

In early August, my husband was hired by GE to work for them. In Northern Nevada. I was excited but kinda weary at first. This would mean picking up all of our things and moving 400 miles away from everyone and everything I know. At this point, we had been married for 7 months and only my mom and his parents knew. My father only thought we were engaged. I have a very dysfunctional relationship with my father if it even classifies as a relationship. It's very complicated and I don't really talk about it much now that I live with my husband.

Back to moving to Nevada. We moved up here in early August so we could get to know the area. We stayed with Jesse's uncle. We felt welcomed but didn't want to over extend our stay. It's awkward trying to have sex in your relatives house especially when the headboard bangs LOUDLY when you turn over.

My in-laws come down during Labor Day weekend and take us back to Orange County. We rent a Budget Truck and move our butts back up here with new kitty in tow. I wanted a cat to keep me company with the hubby was working swing shift. We rented this really nice duplex with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2 car garage. Not that we need the 2 car garage since we only have one car. What sold us on this place was 1) we only share 1 wall with the other duplex and 2) we have a small enclosed backyard. It's a nice little house for us and our cat.

Things we going well or so we thought. First Jesse gets a verbal warning for being late. He was late a few time but by like 2 or 3 minutes.Then he gets called in for a bunch of crap that he didn't do. His assistant supervisor told the actual supervisor that Jesse wasn't completing his work and was not getting along with his co-workers. To make a long story short, he got fired over a lie due to assistant supervisor's wife not liking him. I was devastated. I threw up I was so upset.

That was in Mid-October. Now almost 2 months later, he's finally got some companies interested in him. I keep praying he gets on of these jobs. I'd love to go back to California but not as a failure. I know our families keep telling us that we're not failures but I would feel like a failure.
I pray to God he get's one of these jobs. I have faith he will. He's an Electrical Engineer. There isn't a university that has that program up here. Luckily we had money in our savings. That is the only reason we were able to stay here that long. Cost of living is cheaper out here too.

I just needed to get things off my chest. Hopefully things will be better next I write.