Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bags O'plenty

 Sometimes  time just  gets away from us. I want time to slow down and appreciate the New Year.  I want to be able to finish all of the projects that a swirling around my head. With me it seems like there always way more ideas than time,but I guess that's how it is with most crafters.  Oh well, I guess I need to learn to schedule my time better.

Friday I went to ob/gyn to refill my pill prescription and decided to make it a thrifting day of it. I was able to go to four thrift stores near the clinic. I was to buy a few things. I had a $20 limit for the whole trip. I'm very good at keeping to a budget if I really want to. But really  have to want to. I know, it sounds like I'm a spoiled brat but I have gotten a lot better at not buying random crap and using items that I already.

So today our model will be Ridley. He decided today he was going to be a diva and demand attention. And if no attention was given, well then he would create drama . Lol. Just kidding. He did want to help with the photos so I let him.

 photo IMG_0818_zps2f9d70e2.jpg
I got this lovely golden number at the Salvation Army for a $1.49 I've run across a few of these but they were always too boxy. I like shape  of this.

 photo IMG_0819_zpsc5be2cba.jpg
Another red patent leather handbag. I can't help it. I'm drawn to the colors  red and black. Scored this beauty at one of my local thrift stores for $1.00

 photo IMG_0813_zps00a43664.jpg
My old lady bag. It's needlepoint  and very heavy.  I love old lady bags. They're roomy and very solid.

 photo IMG_0821_zps4e55e8eb.jpg
I'm not sure if it's 60's or 80's but I love it the same. Bought it at Junkee's. I bought it because I was mad at Jesse because he didn't think it was wise to buy a slightly damaged Lucite purse.  I can be like that. Buy things just to piss him off .  Well, it backfired because I really like it. I didn't have a green purse before.

I've slowly been arraging and decorating our room. I have still to get my pin up girls up and get a few more to fill out the wall. I also need to get a few hat boxes for my vintage hats. Either I put them away or I start selling them off. I never wear them. I don't have an outfit to match them to.
I made this like picture frame brooch holder thingy. My brooch collection is starting to spill out of my jewelry box and I figured this would be a good way to display some of my pieces and make room on my dresser. I was going to spray paint the frame black but decided to leave it alone.

 photo IMG_0822_zps3c6e25df.jpg

These are my lovely lovey cats. My mom bought these for me from Mexico. I noticed that they look similar to some of the 1950's ceramic cats. These guys aren't vintage but I love them nonetheless. The taller of the two was decapitated on the move to Nevada. Luckily, it was clean break and I was able to glue him back together. I'm sure his sweetheart would have been lonely. I use the pair of them to hold my bracelets.

 photo IMG_08232_zps196ae94d.jpg

I haven't been doing much of sewing lately  but I did manamge to make a couple of new  pouches. I made my sister a smaller pouch in this fabric.  I forgot to take photos of the things I made her for her birthday. She turned 17. My little sister is growing up. She got he driver's license today too.
I've been working on a pullover that I will hopefully have done by springtime. It's not the original sweater I posted about. I messed up the pattern some how and just didn't want to deal with it so I started another project. I used this pouch to keep it all nice and neat.

 photo IMG_08342_zps79907833.jpg

 photo IMG_08352_zps02c9eb2c.jpg

My mom's birthday is next month. She's hitting the big 5-0. So. . .  we're all going to Vegas! Yay! I haven't been to Vegas since I got married. Jess and I really enjoy Vegas. Not so much because of the drinking but because there is so much to do and see. Oh and shop. Did I mention shopping? You don't really need to pay for entertainment until you want to.  Our anniversary is also next month. It'll be our 2 year anniversary. It really doesn't feel like we've been married for that long.  We were going to go to Viva Las Vegas this year but it's not financially feasible. I mean, we could do it if we really wanted to  but then we would be really tight for a couple of months. I'd love to meet some new people but this year, I'll spend time with my mom.

I hope everyone is having a great week and I leave you with our tired model.

 photo IMG_0808_zpsd891f793.jpg

Monday, January 14, 2013

Earring Give Away

Hi Everyone. Just doing a quick post to let you all know that Dollie over at The Rockabilly Socialite. She's giving away a pair of Lucite earrings to one lucky person.  Be sure to check out her blog, it's fantastic!

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Goals

In the blink on an eye and  the first week of the New Year has come and gone. It seems like time is always slipping right past me and not ever leaving a note. The hubby and I have been in recovery mode of the last couple of weeks. I love having family over but a week is a bit much. Especially when my father-in-law wants to know EVERYTHING that goes on in the kitchen. It's like talking to a four year old instead of a grown 65 year old. Drove me nuts!

I've been furiously working on making my sister a few gifts for her birthday next week. I made her a pair of fingerless gloves (yes another pair), a circle scarf and found her an ethnic print bag from Myanmar and a gold cheetah tote. I also found my more this really pretty shawl at one of local thrift stores. At $2.50 I couldn't  pass it up. I remember my mom had been wanting one for a while so another reason to buy it.I believe it's hand made since I didn't find any tags and the stitches didn't look mechanical.


I had a few photos I wanted to post but for some reason my laptop isn't reading the memory card and I don't think I should reformat it. I'm sure well loose all of the photos one there. There are quite a few of the snow fall and my outfit pics. As soon as I get the hubby on it, I'll make aniother post.

I've been thinking of New Year's Goals for myself over the last couple of days. I say goals becase resolutions sound so cold and boring. I've come up with a few I'd like to to share:

1) Post more outfits photos- I know I post the occasional upper body shot but I'd really want to start posting whole outfit photos. It's always nice to see a whole outfit on people.
2) Set my hair more- I really enjoy doing my hair. I prefer my foam curlers to a curling iron. Those type of curls last a few days if you take care of them.
3) Learn to take better photos- I've been learning some tips and tricks from Jess about photography. It really does make a big difference.
4) Decorate- The hubby and I have different ideas of how we want to decorate. I just want to decorate hopefully we'll get that done soon.
5) Travel more- I dont mean out of the country but within our region. There are so many wonderful areas that I'd love to see. Now that we have a better truck, we should be able to travel more.
6) Be happy -It's often so hard to keep the simple things in mind. Being happy and grateful makes a world of a difference.

I'm sure I'll think of other things that I would like to improve and I'll keep them in mind. I'm not going to kick my own butt if I get a little of track. It'll only make me feel worse and get me down.

As always here's a photo of my sleeping boy. He's been cold enough to sleep under the covers with me. I don't mind. he keeps me nice and toasty. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snood Giveaway

 Wanted to let all of you lovely ladies out there know that there is a snood giveaway
haute rockabilly fashionista.   It one of the lovely Arthelias Attic's snood in a variety of colors and yarns. Be sure to check it out and her blog too.