Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy New Yea's 2014

Well dear readers, it's already two weeks into the New Year and  I finally got my new laptop. I just got it tonight; thankfully in one piece and no damage.  Its been nice taking a break from the internet but I did miss reading everyone's posts. I had free reign on my husband's laptop but I'm not much of Mac person.

In these past weeks I was busy making presents for the families and trying to catch up on a few projects and adding news ones. I had a great visit from my mom and nephews. Spent a quiet new years at home. Did some thrift and a bit of sewing.

Im not sure that I did this last year but this year I am planning New Years Goals not resolutions. To me, the word resolutions has a negative connotation attached to it whenever New Years rolls around. I know that 75% of my resolutions have fallen to the side and I have felt very bad about myself for not completing them. Goals, you can work at a steady pace and not feel like you bad if you get side tracked.

My goals for 2014:

1) Knit at least one garment. I have tried on several occasions to start a project only to notice that they are too big. I need to check my gauge more often.

2) Have more self confidence. I love wearing vintage-inspired/retro clothing. I have a ton of skirts that I don't wear because I'm afraid  that it wont be flattering. I want to wear what I want and not be weighed down but what goes on in my head.

3) Learn to grade patterns. I have a lot of vintage patterns from the 1950s. However, I'm not (or will I ever be) a 36" bust. I want to learn to grade up so I can make and wear some of the awesome blouse and dress patterns I have.

4) Keep up on house chores.  I've gotten a lot better at doing chores  since getting married and getting our own place. But I still HATE to fold and put away clothes. It is the chore that I will put off as much as I can. I want to get better at putting them away and the dishes.

5) Be happy with who I am. This one sounds so easy but it sure as heck  isn't. I'm getting better at being comfortable with myself but I still need more work.

There you have it. Some simple goals. I may add more as the year advances but for now they'll do.  Hopefully I'll be making a few more posts now that I have a laptop of my own.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week.