Monday, January 23, 2012

Hips and Curves

I bought a few pieces from Hips and Curves . I really like this website. They have nice lingerie and bigger sizes. Their prices aren't over the top and the quality is pretty good. Jesse and I decided to buy a few things for our reception. I bought this garter belt in red and black. I've been wanting one like this but they were always too small. I personally have always preferred stockings over panty hose. I hate the way panty hose flatten your hips and butt. It makes women look like a frumpy office lady. I think stockings make women feel sexy and classy therefore it gives them a boost of confidence. I bought a few pairs of stockings. I bought these cute stockings. I saw them a while ago and really wanted them. I'm not a huge fan of white stockings since they remind me of nurses but these are really nice. They are transparent white. They also don't have the thick, tight feeling some white stockings have. I love the polka dots! I also got these black stockings I've always wanted seamed stockings but could never find ones that fit well. These fit perfect. Well, almost. The lace band needs to be taken in like an inch or so. Jesse wants me to return them but I'm afraid if I get a smaller size they won't fit my calves well. I think I'll just take them in myself. I finally got a good foundation piece. I really like the way this waist cincher fits and looks. I bought it in white since I plan on wearing it with my wedding dress. One of the things that I am really picky about is that the garter clasps need to be metal. Even if I find a piece I really like but the garter clasps are plastic I will not buy it. It just plastic breaks. I am really happy with my purchases from Hips and Curves. Everything fit great and looks good. The construction of the pieces is great. I'll definitely buy from them again.

On another note, we got snow!!! It wasn't much and it melted by noon but still we got snow. Once the clouds clear up I'll take pics of the mountains around us and post them. We live in a valley at 4700 ft elevation. We have a hard time remembering we're at a high altitude because we're surrounded buy mountains. We're like 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe which is gorgeous by the way. We went there at the end of summer and the water was freezing. Jesse wanted to go camping up there but reservations are a year out.

I decided that I need to buy clothes that make me feel pretty. I read one of The Glamorous Housewife about how women let themselves go. It really resonated with me because I went through that slump. You know the one: you wear jeans and t-shirt to every occasion. No make up and a pony tail. Now that I'm married I find it hard to get dressed up to do chores. I will lounge about in PJs all day. I feel so sloppy and lazy when I don't change my clothes. When we moved to Nevada I didn't buy any new jeans because I didn't think that I would need to wear jeans like all the time. I need to order some jeans online and get some cute sweaters to wear around the house. I also need some snow boots that aren't super manly.

Well now I'm off to clean house and start a lace bolero. Hopefully I can free hand the pattern. Wish me look. Ta!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay so our Wedding Reception is less then six weeks away. We will have been married for a year when we have the reception. Our relationship never did follow the norm. Sometimes it bugs me that we didn't follow the traditional engagement then marriage rout but oh well. We got married first then got "engaged." Rather silly but I got an engagement ring out of it and I love that ring. Unfortunately, my wedding band is all scratched up and lacks luster. I'd like a new band but we'll wait on it for a while.
Anyways, getting back on track. The husband and I couldn't agree on whether or not we should hire a DJ. We did. I told him that if he had really wanted to do our own music he should have been working on it a few months ago. I think it's easier to have someone do the work for you. We also hired a the Taco Man. He's a taco caterer. They make and serve the tacos. It's pretty convenient. We're also having a couple of aunts bring potato salad and salsa. We're going to serve nachos and veggie platters as appetizers. I need to order a keg and buy some wine.

Things are starting to seem real. I'm getting a little worried about things turning out well. The husband's aunt and cousin are going to set up and decorate the room. I have most of the decorations done. I still need to order flowers through Costco. You can't get cheaper flowers than that. I was going to make a few mason jar candle holders but then I realized that I bought a lot more glass center pieces than I needed. I figure I can use the extras on our sweet heart table.

The thing I'm having the most trouble with is finding a pair of shoes that I like and aren't $75+ dollars. There a ton of shoes I like but since I have wide feet and their online I don't want to risk it. So far there's a couple of pairs of shoes I like from TUK. They're pretty nice but I would really like to try them on. I really like these . I'm going to do my own hair and make-up. I might go to Sephora and ask them some nice retro colors for me. I've lost some of my tan so I might need a new powder.

I still need to make my lace bolero and finish working on my petticoat. I don't know if I'm going to need it but I'd still like to get it done. I have to make my flower hair piece too. I don't know what jewelry I'm going to wear. I might wear some of the vintage jewelry I've bought recently. I might wear these earrings Photobucket with a simple pearl necklace. I don't know I might change my mind tomorrow.

It looks like might finally get some rain up here. The weatherman said possible rain tomorrow. Here's hoping. I miss the rain. It's super windy today and cold. Yesterday morning it was 10 degrees F out. I don't mind it so much but then again I don't really venture out.

Until next time , Ta!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

I enjoy going to thrift stores and finding some treasure buried amongst the piles of dishes and cups. I used to go thrifting a lot when I was going to college. There was a small street filled with thrift stores. I found so many awesome things there. Jewelry, clothing , records, and various knick knacks. Since we moved to Northern Nevada, I've noticed that there aren't that many thrift stores. The ones in town are really small. Even in Carson City, there on the smaller side and that's the state's capital.

There are a few antique stores in town though. My favorite on is Cheshire Antiques. Its a two story building with lots of neat booths. I've bought some jewelry, a purse, and gloves there. Being an antique store they are a bit over-priced. My favorite booth always has good purses and hats but they ask too much for them. I really want to start building a vanity in our room. I have an area set up for it. I probably won't start looking for one until Spring. I'd love to find something like this . I can always just find so in me lightly beat-up table and fix it up. I actually made a vanity table and stool in wood shop my senior year in high school. It's at my parents house. I made it too big and it ended up being a writing desk. I bought a couple of vintage metal shelves like this except in a white finish. Some of the paint is chipped but I like the way it looks. I want to make a few hat stands to put my hats on display.

Anyways, the last couple of weeks we went thrifting. On New Year's weekend we went to Reno. We shopped at Virginia Street Antique Mall. They have a lot of awesome booths but the old ladies can be rude at best. My sister and I went shopping for jewelry. She loves vintage jewelry. She says no one at school as stuff like that. I have this habit of getting things I like and putting them in a "maybe" pile. I shop around and think if I really want to buy it or it's an impulse buy. This works really well when I go craft shopping. So I set aside a black and white bead bracelet, a pair of dark gray gloves, a couple of stud earrings, and a ceramic cat figurine. My sister also set a few pieces of jewelry aside. I didn't know but they cashier rings everything up that has been set aside. After we look around, we go up to pay. The old lady tells me it's $40 and I told her there were two separate purchases there. She gets all pissy and says "So what are you getting?" in a very snotty tone. I told her I'd just take the ceramic cat, earrings, and gloves. I was raised to put things back were they belong. I put the bracelet back where I found it. She gets even more snotty and argues with me that the bracelet wasn't originally where I put it back. I told her it DID belong there . Then she realizes she labelled it wrong and doesn't apologize it. This to me is shitty customer service. She then lets me know that the gloves I wanted are actually $8.50 instead of the $3.50 that was scratched over. I told her as much and she kept saying "I don't see it dear." Whatever. I liked the gloves but they needed some repair. I passed on them . She was visibly upset but I didn't care. She treated my sister and I like we were going to steal stuff. I think from now on I'll stick to Junkee's. So this is my latest addition to my cat collection Photobucket .
I had seen it during Thanksgiving when we went there with my in-laws. I really liked it. It was still there so I bought it. Yay! Onto Junkee's.
Ah Junkee's. This place was totally awesome. They have a huge building. The outside of it is very different from the rest of the area. There are lots of bright neon colors. They have pastel colored tires as a barrier in the front. The left half of the building is all second hand clothes, shoes, and accessories. The right half of the has all the vintage/antique items. They have soo many purses, gloves, scarves, and jewelry. They also have a vintage bar in there. They have a lot of things. One of my favorite booths had a ton of petticoats used as wall decor. I want to buy one but they were a bit torn.
There I bought this awesome pink purse:
Photobucket it also came with a small plastic comb with gilded words : Lennox Bags. I really love the shape and color of this purse. I've looked through a ton of purses and haven't really seen this shape. It has a gold interior . I also bought a glove glove clip . I got it for a cool $3.50

I'll have to make another post with the rest of my recent finds. Until then ciao!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Everyone has these goals that are unattainable. Every year I say I'm going to lose 50+ lbs before xx month or I'm going to start working out. The truth is I HATE exercise. I don't like sweating. I feel dirty and gross if I sweat. I want to make goals that I can stick to. I want to feel good about myself.

SO, my goals for this year are :
1) I want to learn to knit. There are so many awesome vintage patterns that I would love to make.
2) I need to curve my temper. I am a fiery person and my husband likes it most of the time.
3) If all goes well (and hopefully it will) I want to start a scarf and hat drive with my church. There are a lot of homeless in Northern Nevada .I feel that giving them scarves and hats would make their lives a bit more easy.
4) Work on my self-esteem. I am a plus sized gal. I have always been told "If you were to lose 40/50 lbs. you'd be a knock-out." After a point, I started telling them. "Have you ever thought that perhaps I'm okay with where I'm at? " That always made them think twice. I see so many plus size gals that look fabulous and wish I could look like them. My husband loves me as I am. I need to learn to love myself as I am.
5) I want to teach my husband to be more charitable. He's good at giving tips but not at helping out his fellow man. I tell him we need to help others that are less fortunate. My Abuelita Ines used to always say: " I like to help others that way if I'm ever in the same position (being homeless or needing a meal) someone will take pity and help me out." My grandmother was a very strong, stubborn woman. I'll have to post an entry about her one day.

My Mom , brother, sister , and grandma came over for New Year's weekend. It was nice to see them. I really did miss them. We had pizza on Saturday night and talked for a long time. My mom lost a lot of weight. I'd lose a lot of weight too if my husband made my life a living Hell. On Sunday, we went to Reno. We went to a couple of antique stores and I came away with a satisfying haul. It'll make a post with pics later this week. I need to start putting Christmas ornaments away and get things rolling again. Until next time. Ta!