Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Everyone has these goals that are unattainable. Every year I say I'm going to lose 50+ lbs before xx month or I'm going to start working out. The truth is I HATE exercise. I don't like sweating. I feel dirty and gross if I sweat. I want to make goals that I can stick to. I want to feel good about myself.

SO, my goals for this year are :
1) I want to learn to knit. There are so many awesome vintage patterns that I would love to make.
2) I need to curve my temper. I am a fiery person and my husband likes it most of the time.
3) If all goes well (and hopefully it will) I want to start a scarf and hat drive with my church. There are a lot of homeless in Northern Nevada .I feel that giving them scarves and hats would make their lives a bit more easy.
4) Work on my self-esteem. I am a plus sized gal. I have always been told "If you were to lose 40/50 lbs. you'd be a knock-out." After a point, I started telling them. "Have you ever thought that perhaps I'm okay with where I'm at? " That always made them think twice. I see so many plus size gals that look fabulous and wish I could look like them. My husband loves me as I am. I need to learn to love myself as I am.
5) I want to teach my husband to be more charitable. He's good at giving tips but not at helping out his fellow man. I tell him we need to help others that are less fortunate. My Abuelita Ines used to always say: " I like to help others that way if I'm ever in the same position (being homeless or needing a meal) someone will take pity and help me out." My grandmother was a very strong, stubborn woman. I'll have to post an entry about her one day.

My Mom , brother, sister , and grandma came over for New Year's weekend. It was nice to see them. I really did miss them. We had pizza on Saturday night and talked for a long time. My mom lost a lot of weight. I'd lose a lot of weight too if my husband made my life a living Hell. On Sunday, we went to Reno. We went to a couple of antique stores and I came away with a satisfying haul. It'll make a post with pics later this week. I need to start putting Christmas ornaments away and get things rolling again. Until next time. Ta!


  1. Great resolutions, especially the knitting one. Two of my very close friends knit, and I would like to learn, but right now I just don't have the time. Maybe next year!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Awesome reslutions amor!
    I wish I had the patience to knit.