Friday, January 31, 2014

Thrifting Finds and Finished Projects

Well my dear readers, here we are at the end of January. Times seems to go by faster the older one gets. I certainly did notice that once I graduated from high school time would pass me by even faster. it probably didn't help that I was attending college full time and working 40+ hours a week. Since moving to Nevada, time has slowed down a bit. There isn't a much to do here so maybe that's why things are at a slower pace.

I'm sure that I've mentioned this before, but I love thrifting. It's such a fun activity; like treasure hunting. You really never know what you will run across. A couple of months ago, I found several vintage knitting magazines. Here's a funny bit, every time I have run across a vintage magazine, pattern or pamphlet I have always seen the back cover first. Why or how this always happens I really don't know. I see the vintage typing or photos and I get really excited.

 photo b93b0725-df7a-4983-8095-1bae4af6c445_zps83fc58cf.jpg

I love this cover girl. She has a great outfit on and those go-go boots are pretty sweet too. I'm actually considering knitting this cardigan. I love the color and it should be easier to adjust for bust size since this one goes up to 44".
 photo a745632e-68ff-4427-97f6-997409f77dcd_zps467787c8.jpg

This magazine dates back to either 1951 or 1957. I'm terrible at reading Roman numerals. It has a great selection of gloves and mittens. I love the blue and white mittens on the lower left corner.

 photo e16a874c-30f0-4163-a42d-51a541c5856d_zps30156312.jpg
Another great magazine. Plenty of pullovers and cardigans. It looks like it's from the 1960s. There are a few patterns I like but at a 38" bust I don't have the skill yet to alter the pattern.

Oh how I do love me a good men's sweater. Especially vintage men's sweaters. There are a lot of patterns in this magazine. Some I like better than others. I do, however, like the navy blue and red  cardigan in the photo below.

 photo fd7aa0d5-c34e-4981-978f-b8db437bd404_zpsad7c4fb8.jpg

 photo IMG_1326_zps8a287d75.jpg

Ahhh, my Spanish Lady. Now, I've never been one for dolls. Grtowing up my sister and I would often give Barbie hair cuts and makeup jobs that would make her look like a beat up street walker. I always perferred books an tea sets. However, when I saw this lady in the toy section at the Goodwill I couldn't pass her up. And for a buck who would.
 photo IMG_1327_zps11f52e8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1322_zps156a3b3f.jpg

A vintage men's Pendleton wool cardigan. I love this cute little cardi. It buttons up and has pockets. I love having pockets on sweaters and cardigans. It only had one tiny spot were some stitches had come undone but that was quickly taken care of.
 photo IMG_1325_zps196638e0.jpg

 There are a few other items that I've thrifted but I figured I'd post those in a later post. Here are a few of my finished  sewing and crafting projects.

 photo IMG_1305_zps6ebc42c4.jpg

I love making circle skirts. They give such a wonderful shape with a petticoat and are fun to twirl in. I was thrifting at Goodwill when I saw this fabric. A sheet really. I thought" This will make an awesome circle skirt." It reminds me of the abstract/messy artist prints that were popular in the 1950's. It has two side seam pockets.

 photo IMG_1306_zps36d005ed.jpg

Believe it or not, I've had this fabric for 5 years. Yup. I hoard fabric until I find the perfect project for it. Another circle skirt. This one only has one pocket. I may need to make or knit a matching blouse.

 photo IMG_1310_zpseb8b47cf.jpg

I finally got my butt in gear and made this flower clip holder frame thingy. I thrifted the frame a while ago. I spray painted it with a glittery black paint and made the background for it. Can you tell I can't ever hang anything straight? It fills out the space nicely and gives me a visual of what I have.

 photo purse_zpsa1a717d2.jpg

I thrifted the straw purse a couple of years ago. I love straw purses. I had used the purse before and to give it a pop of color had clipped in some of my hair flowers. I wanted to give it a tropical feel so I added some leaves and pears. Im really happy with how it turned out.

 photo dicenecklace_zps57319290.jpg
I love vintage 1940s necklaces. Too bad most of them are in the $100+ range if it's true vintage.  A couple of years ago I bought this vintage Lucite dice bracelet. I loved it but it was on the smaller side so I never wore it. A few weeks back I was in one of my crafting moods and this happened. This is version 2.0 and i had some help figuring it out. It's a bit heavy but it looks great. I also want to make a matching pair of dangling earrings. I just need to buy the hardware.

 photo IMG_1321_zps2e62f6e8.jpg
I hope everyone has a great weekend.And as always, here's a photo of Ridley sleeping in his cat tree.