Friday, February 15, 2013

A New Dress

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes on my 2 year anniversary. It really  made me very happy to have all the well wishes. These are the lovely roses my hubby came home with.

 photo photo-1-1_zps27d29956.jpg

I was able to finish my dress in time and for once I was very happy with the way it turned out. I do need to take in the straps a little but nothing major.  I wanted to make a matching bolero ( and  may still try) but I just didn't want to rush myself. This is a really great silky brocade. It's got a cream background with hints of pink gold and green. I noticed I look a lot better in off white/ cream colors than in white. White makes me look sallow.

 photo 25ecca81-cf9c-4a0c-a9d1-988d0cd4df6e_zps597c2aa7.jpg

 photo IMG_0838_zps13a6950c.jpg

I did learn that it's best to have Jess takes photos of me before he gets too hungrey and distracted by the internet. He completely cut off my bangs. I wish he had taken a full body shot but I'll just have to start using the tripod and timer.

 photo IMG_0839_zps090c09a6.jpg 

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 We went to dinner at live Garden and had a great meal and dessert. We very rarely have dessert when we go out but decided to go wild and olrder a raspberry cheesecake which was very good.

Now that I've gotten my dress done, I've been working on making my mom her birthday present. I made her a small capelet, a matching hat and scarf set. I may take her to the Thunder from Down Under.  Jesse agrees that she needs a little excitement in her life now that she's divorced. I actually talked to Jess about how I felt that by me going to this review I felt he would want to go to a strip show. He said no. He realizes it just a show and it's not like I'm going to be getting a lap dance or anything. That made me feel a lot better. I often have a hard time communicating my feelings and it takes A LOT of me to be up front and honest when it comes to my feelings. I'm so glad he is patient and understanding.

So. We've been planning what we're going to do on our trip to Vegas. I keep asking my mom what she wants to do but all she says is "As long s we're all together and having fun whatever you want to do it fine with me." My mom. All she ever wants is to spend time with us.  She has always just ewanted to have us spend time together. I did find out she wants to go to some thrift stores, a huge swap meet  (it's has over 1,150 vendors) and go shopping in general. I will try to take photos lots of photos and have fun.  A great  thing about Jess is that he gets along splendidly with my siblings so if he has to babysit a couple of teeneagers he can handle it.

I dont know what the weather is going to be like in Vegas the weekend we're there so I really don't want to start packing yet. I'm sure I'll over-pack (like always) and Jess will just take his backpack. I rather over-pack that forget something. I've been learning to make checklists before we go on any type of trip. It's helped is a lot.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  And here's a cute but blurry photo of Ridley. He won't stay still for this one but it's cute nonetheless.

 photo d5098351-6ec2-4612-a104-bfbe19b6eb96_zpsb73d2151.jpg

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two years of Life Together

Two years ago today, Jesse and I eloped in Vegas. Yes Vegas. We really love that city and they make very easy for people to get married. Come July we will have been together eight years.

 photo 0a64fb8d-4092-44f5-b190-68f0d5558bd8_zps1f52c1b9.jpg

I can honestly say that it doesn't feel like we've been married for two years. Times has really flown. I'm very happy and love my husband. We've had a few downs but have bounced back and are doing well thanks to God and Jesse being a hard working, honest man. I am blessed that I was able to find someone who loves me as I am and only asks that I love him back. He treats me like a queen and provides for our little family.

I look forward to spending the rest of my life and time with him. I'd love to share a few of our wedding and reception photos with everyone.

We went to the courthouse in Vegas and got our marriage license. We began out ceremony on Feb. 12th and ended Feb 13th. The pastor gave us the choice of which date we wanted. We chose the 13th since Jess has a hard time remembering dates.

 photo KATZENBERGER061_zpsefbe1a74.jpg

 photo 3611cb6a-12aa-4586-b988-185fc8486d12_zps6f3aec34.jpg

Our reception a year after we got married.We both had lots of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was great to see both sides of the families together.

 photo DSC_1747_zpsb367c67c.jpg

 photo DSC_1786_zps5f5432cd.jpg

 photo 8560ab1d-358f-40fa-b4cc-9fb90149c0da_zps35e9b850.jpg 

Tonight we'll be going out to dinner to celebrate. Nothing major maybe P.F Chang's or Olive Garden. Something nice and intimate. I'll be sure to post photos of my new dress.  I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Q & A

1. Who are your style icons?
I really love looking at vintage photographs from the '40's and '50s. It always nice to see what women wore on a day-to-day basis and on special occasions.

2. What is your favorite way to get inspired?
Sometimes I watch fun vintage movies. I tend to like more what the wpomen are wearing a comedy versus a drama. ALthough a lot of the outfits in drama movies are glamorous and beautiful.

3. What's your most-used hair tool? 
I would have to say my foam curlers. I've never been very good with the curling iron and I try not to damage my hair anymore than I need to.

4. What's your favorite hair tool?
Again I wold have to say foam curlers and bobby pins. Bobby pins are a great tool to have around. So much so that I will randomly stash them around the house: behind the sofa, around the bathroom, in the dining room. Lol. I don't really stash them but they have ended up in all of these places. Does not please my husband.

5. Updo, down, or half-and-half?
I love wearing my hair up first and half-half second. Now that I've been  getting hair cuts regularly I have been wearing my hair down. To be honest, I love having my hair in curls so anyway will work.

6. Is vintage something you do every day, on weekends, or for special occasions? 
I'd love to wear vintage everyday but my casual wardrobe is still being built up.  As of now, I wear it mostly on the weekend and on special occasions. I do wear my vintage jewelry around the house.

7. What's your favorite blush and lipstick?
I actually don't wear blush. I have never been able to get it too look natural. I always end up looking like a cheap tart. My favorite lipstick is MakeUp Forever in Moulin Rouge. It has staying power and is the perfect shade of red for my skin.
 photo Make-Up-For-Ever-fall-2010-Moulin-Rouge-lipstick_zps41624386.jpg

8. Dress, skirt, or pants? Heels or flats? 
I love my jeans. On my off-days I wear a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. When I dress up I love wearing skirts and dresses with a fluffy petticoat. As for shoes I feel the most comfortable in flats do to my random loss of balance and back problems. I really like wedges too. It gives you the height of heels without the peril .
 photo KGrHqNhUE49f2ZsWBOO6Z660_12_zpsae1da15d.jpg

I have this pair of wedges and I totally love them. I'm always son the look out for more wedges.

9. Off-the-rack or homemade?
I have made most of my wardrobe but have bought a few off-the-rack items like petticoats and girdles. I truly enjoy making my own clothes and am trying to make items that I can wear on a day to day basis .
I've been sewing since I was 8 years old and haven't stopped. I started off making Barbie clothes and now I make my clothes.

10. Do you swing dance?
Sadly I do not. I've wanted to learn but since moving to Nevada have yet to find a place close by that the hubby and I can learn at.
11. Extreme vintage or subtle touches? 
When I can I try to dress all vintage which is usually on the weekends and special occasions.  On other occasions or days I just don't feel up to it I do add subtle touches: a pair of earrings here, some bangles there. It's a good balance.

12. Favorite perfume?
I am on of those individuals that can't seem to hold a scent for long. I do like classic scents like Ralph Lauren's Romance and some of the perfumes that are simple scents like rose or lilies. I do need to be careful what fragrances I wear since some of them can trigger Jesse's migraines.

13. Favorite skincare product?
My favorite skincare product hands down is Aveeno  Positively Radiant daily moisterizer. It's great for sensitive, provides SPF coverage and helps even skin tone. I've been using it for a cople of years and since moving to a higher altitude has proven a great help.

14. What does your family think of your style?
My family has always known that I like to dress to please me and not fall into what fashion trends dictated. Not that  don't buy modern clothes but a lot of them time it just doesn't suit me. My younger brother thinks it's cool that I dress rockabilly and he says that it's really me. 

15. Favorite accessory?
My favorite accessory has to be my flower clips. I love adding flowers to my hair even if it's not done up all fancy. It makes me feel all special and pretty to see the flower in my hair.

16. Do you find the vintage community welcoming or snobby?
So far I've had a good a good experience but like in real life there will always be people who think they are better than you. I try to avoid people like that on the internet and real life.

17. What drew you to vintage style?
Since I was a little girl I was always drawn to the tiny waisted ladies in giant dresses and miles and miles of petticoats. I used to love watching the old TinTan movies is Spanish and watcing they women dance around in beautiful dresses. 

It really comes down to the elegance, beauty and modesty that these clothes offer. I love showing off some cleavage but some of the clothes out there are too clingy and uncomfortable. I like being able to look like a lady .

18. Favorite places to shop vintage?
I LOVE me some thrift stores. I've always loved thrift stores and doubt I will ever stop going. I've also had good look at rummage sales and  estate sales.

19. What vintage eras are your favorite?
I've been in love with 50's fashions since I was a teenager. I also love the 40's but the clothes are very flattering to my frame
. I love the these two eras to pieces because the shoes, the accessories and the hair are just fabulous!

20. Most glamorous film stars?
In my mind Marilyn Monroe will always be a glamorous lady. She was sexy,smart, and  knew how to use both to her advantage. She could pull off jeans and a jumper with the same elegance and sexiness while wearing a clingy dress.

 photo Marilyn-Photo-marilyn-monroe-32710381-500-679_zpse6325e23.jpg

 photo MarilynMonroeinjeans_zps250012c6.jpg

21. Favorite vintage object that you own?

My purses!. I have quite a few purses and they all make me happy whenever I see them it makes me happy to know that I don't have to use the same purse everytime.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and learning a little bit more about me. I leave you with a young, handsome Sean Connery. 

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