Monday, January 23, 2012

Hips and Curves

I bought a few pieces from Hips and Curves . I really like this website. They have nice lingerie and bigger sizes. Their prices aren't over the top and the quality is pretty good. Jesse and I decided to buy a few things for our reception. I bought this garter belt in red and black. I've been wanting one like this but they were always too small. I personally have always preferred stockings over panty hose. I hate the way panty hose flatten your hips and butt. It makes women look like a frumpy office lady. I think stockings make women feel sexy and classy therefore it gives them a boost of confidence. I bought a few pairs of stockings. I bought these cute stockings. I saw them a while ago and really wanted them. I'm not a huge fan of white stockings since they remind me of nurses but these are really nice. They are transparent white. They also don't have the thick, tight feeling some white stockings have. I love the polka dots! I also got these black stockings I've always wanted seamed stockings but could never find ones that fit well. These fit perfect. Well, almost. The lace band needs to be taken in like an inch or so. Jesse wants me to return them but I'm afraid if I get a smaller size they won't fit my calves well. I think I'll just take them in myself. I finally got a good foundation piece. I really like the way this waist cincher fits and looks. I bought it in white since I plan on wearing it with my wedding dress. One of the things that I am really picky about is that the garter clasps need to be metal. Even if I find a piece I really like but the garter clasps are plastic I will not buy it. It just plastic breaks. I am really happy with my purchases from Hips and Curves. Everything fit great and looks good. The construction of the pieces is great. I'll definitely buy from them again.

On another note, we got snow!!! It wasn't much and it melted by noon but still we got snow. Once the clouds clear up I'll take pics of the mountains around us and post them. We live in a valley at 4700 ft elevation. We have a hard time remembering we're at a high altitude because we're surrounded buy mountains. We're like 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe which is gorgeous by the way. We went there at the end of summer and the water was freezing. Jesse wanted to go camping up there but reservations are a year out.

I decided that I need to buy clothes that make me feel pretty. I read one of The Glamorous Housewife about how women let themselves go. It really resonated with me because I went through that slump. You know the one: you wear jeans and t-shirt to every occasion. No make up and a pony tail. Now that I'm married I find it hard to get dressed up to do chores. I will lounge about in PJs all day. I feel so sloppy and lazy when I don't change my clothes. When we moved to Nevada I didn't buy any new jeans because I didn't think that I would need to wear jeans like all the time. I need to order some jeans online and get some cute sweaters to wear around the house. I also need some snow boots that aren't super manly.

Well now I'm off to clean house and start a lace bolero. Hopefully I can free hand the pattern. Wish me look. Ta!


  1. I love hips and Curves ,but I found my Dita stockings at SecretsinLace website.
    I havent worn jeans in years, I hate how bulging they make me look.

    1. Oh Secrets in Lace! I was going to order my trousseau from them but I was afraid things wouldn't fit. I worked with men for years so all I wore is jeans. I need to get used to wearing dresses again.

  2. i wanted to respond to the comment about the tattoo fabric: yes! it is very expensive so i never bought it for the last year. But at least i got free shipping with it, so it helped to cut cost a little LOL. I always wait for sales and usch, but this never went on sale. I get all antsy because there have been lots of times that i wanted something: waited: then it was too late because it was out of stock and i lost my chance =-( and thanks for the curvy girl store heads up here!