Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Job New Beginnings

Jesse started his new job yesterday. We had to get up early. 7 a.m. is early for us especially since we we're sleeping on a swing shift schedule. He likes the job which makes me very happy. I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands now. Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the mess in the living room. Let me tell you I had been in a funk since Jesse had lost his job. I didn't feel like cooking, cleaning, or crafting. It was depressing for me to see my new husband so desolate. There were days when I was afraid he might hurt himself.
Both of our moods are a lot better now. I feel motivated to clean and cook. I made my mom's Christmas present yesterday. I made her an apron. It'll match the one I made myself. I miss her and my siblings. There's days when I feel like calling her up and telling her to meet me at our favorite sushi place. Then I remember she's 400 miles away and I wont see her for another 2 months. My mom is my best friend. We can talk about anything and not be shy. I miss waking up to her popping her head in my room to make sure I wouldn't be late to work. Or how she used to buy me little things like socks or a shirt just because. I miss spending time with her, laying in her bed, talking about anything the most though.
This is a picture of us the last time we were together when my in-laws gave us a Farewell Party.Photobucket
I really love this picture. It's silly and I love how we all look happy. Genuinely happy. I hope our reunions are always this happy and loving.

My mother-in-law was able to get the room at the community center for half the price. Which is totally awesome. That cuts our cost by $500. I made arrangements for our reception cake with Zoe and Bailey's CupCakery in Orange. We having a nerdy cake: Photobucket We both really love Super Mario games. I wanted to make our cake toppers to be a pair of Goombas. The bride Goomba would wear a white veil with a flower or two. The groom Goomba would wear a black top hat. Jesse said he'd rather have Princess Peach and Mario. I'm no blonde, but maybe I can paint her hair. There's a thought. I guess we still have time to figure it out.

I'll be making tamales for Christmas this year. It just going to be Jesse, Ridley, and I this year. Our families are too far away and we can drive down. Hopefully everything will go well.
That's it for now. Have a great day.

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  1. I love your familia photo! are your the hot red head? Your Mario cake is amazing. My family is into Super Mario too.