Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's been Crochet for Me Lately

Hello my dear readers. It seems I've been off the radar yet again. Time always seems to slip by me a lot quicker than I realize. It's not as if I'm so busy that I don't have the time to blog. It's just that my life is very routine. Some people might find it boring and trying but for the most part I love it. For close to ten years, I ran a small business. It's absorbed my every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moments. It's was a lot of work and stress. I miss it sometimes but I love being a housewife more.

I'm in the middle of cleaning house and making house. My younger sister is graduating high school next week. We also plan to  visit the rest of the family while were are down there and do a little shopping. Well, I plan to do some shopping. Whenever we go to So Cal, I try to get things I can't buy in Northjern Nevada. One of my must visit stops is Mitsuwa, a Japanese market. I buy several good there like miso paste, curry paste, pickled ginger, spices, and a few snacks.

Since we are also visiting Jesse's family, I decided to make his grandmother a lap blanket. A few posts ago, I made his grandpa a lap blanket of his own. Figured it would only be fair to make her one too.

I really love the way this blanket turned out. The colors and the texture of it are just perfect. It's a rectangular blanket. I have a hard time figuring out how wide and long to make a blanket but this pattern makes it easy to figure out.
 photo afghan3_zpse876dce6.jpg

A few weeks ago we had a freak weather pattern, we got some rain and snow. It was nice. It rained for almost two days which is unheard of in Northern Nevada. I got into a crocheting mood and made myself another blanket. I had to recreate the pattern myself. It was a really fun and easy project.

 photo afghan1_zps15af4db3.jpg

I bought this a month or so ago off of eBay. I am not one to wear crop tops, but they will make great bodices. I just need to add a longer midriff piece. I've also come to terms with the fact that I can't make a top that I like. If it has sleeves, I'm happy. Anything sleeveless, tank top or halter top? Just can't get it to work. I'm hoping to find a pattern or two that I like. 

 photo retrotop_zps548b7070.jpg

I just wanted everyone to know I was still alive and kicking. I still need to plan my outfits while visiting and finish cleaning the house. Not sure if anyone else does this, but I like to leave the house clean whenever we visit family. Less work for me  when we get back.

I leave you with a photo of Ridley looking stoned. Jesse doesn't like that I said that but I think it's funny. I hope everyone has a great week and weekend.

 photo ridley3_zps9bd9e654.jpg


  1. That is one very happy kitty! I love all your crocheting too, i've been working on a granny square blanket too, probably not the best idea being under it working on it while it's summer though, I seem to lack that logic!

  2. Yes, a million times over, yes!!! I do the exact same thing when we travel, too. In fact, I pushed myself too hard on that front before we went to Vancouver earlier this month, cleaning from sun up to sun down on the day before we left and came as close as one can to throwing their back out without completely doing so. I had to soak in the tub for an hour and then keep a heating pad on my back right until we left just to be able to walk out to car. Next time, I'll take things a bit easier on the housework front before we travel for sure - lesson painfully learned!

    These are such pretty blankets! I especially love the flower square one - it's extra perfect for this time of the year.

    Big hugs & happy (almost) summertime wishes,
    ♥ Jessica