Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We finally got some shelves put in. But even that took all my resolve and coaxing skills. The Husband doesn't like doing anything when he needs to. I hate it. I like having things done so that I can figure out if I like them or not. It took us over 3 hours to put in 3 shelves. Yeah. And they weren't fancy shelves or anything. Pre-cut boards and some L brackets. It wasn't that hard but he is very specific about the order things need to be done. It was driving me insane.

 We were able to get the spare bedroom into shape for my in-laws to stay. They arrived Friday evening and we had corned beef for dinner. Unfortunately, my veggies were a little under-cooked. I feel terrible. I'm usually a stickler for making sure everything is cooked well. They said it was fine but I felt bad nonetheless.Saturday we went to the train museum in Carson City. The husband had been wanting to go but I don't really have an interest in the workings of trains. I like to look at them but I don't need to spend hours taking to an engineer about how things work. Like my father-in-law. My mother-in-law, Jess's grandmother and I did ride the stream train though. It was pretty fun except it started to hail and snow half way through the ride. It was an interesting ride. It game me an idea of how uncomfortable it would have been to ride a train for a long time. My back was stiff and my knees were killing me. We went home and had some tea and cookies. it was decided that I would make dinner that night again for 7 people. I made Salsa Verde Pork, rice and beans. It was a huge hit. I didn't make the salsa Verde from scratch because 1) it's too time consuming and 2) it was cheaper to use the bottled stuff.
A week or so before my in-laws were due to come over the husband and I were thinking of having a BBQ for everyone. I mentioned it to my FIL  and he mentioned it to his brother. Well, Jess's uncle took it upon himself to host the BBQ without consulting us. I've noticed that even though we'll be turning 28 this year they still treat us like kids. It really irritates okay it actually pisses me off that although we're hosting the family someone else has to undermine us and make important decisions behind our backs. So I told Jess:  "They want to treat us like kids then they can pay for it." And they did. At dinner on Sunday, they had us sit in the younger kids area. Yeah it was pretty obvious that they still think we're kids. I guess they won't take us  seriously until we have kids. Yeah, I'm not bring a child into this world just to be taken seriously.

Even though we stayed mostly home, it was an exhausting weekend. I spent the entire week before their trip down cleaning and arranging things. Washing towels and sheets.  We just hung out at home on Monday. Jess was tired and feel headache-y. We played video games and had pizza for dinner. We LOVE pizza.  It's one of the foods that we can agree on.

I have some great news: Jess got hired on at his job! I'm so happy and proud of him. I was praying and hoping that he would get the job. We like living on our own and making our way in life. I'm thankful to God that we are getting this opportunity to set up our roots in a new place.

Until next time, Ta!


  1. Oh que bueno todo salio bien con los in laws!
    They treat us like kids here tambien, suegra always metichiando in on todo.
    Es puro control!
    Glad your hubby got the job! Los felicito mucho.
    Mmm yes i heard about using evaporated milk, i should try it.
    That's why I asked my Ama for a shorter version of how to make horchata. I wasnt going to do it a day before. Maybe one day when I have everything prepared.

    1. Gracias, gracias. The suegros aren't so bad it's just their gueros and I'm not. Horchata is great when it's home made.That instant stuff sucks.

  2. first of all congrats for jess and the job!!!
    and yes it is really embarrasing be treaten like a child when you are over 26 ... grrr i hate that too...but at least now you can relax darling!

    1. Thanks. It's a big weight off of our backs. We're going to celebrate tomorrow. Yay!