Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I stitch in Time

I decided to get my hair cut. I've been toying with the idea for a few weeks now. I like having long hair but right now my hair isn't even. It's longer in the front than the back.  I've been kinda in a rut with my hair lately. I want to do something with it but don't know what. I think I'm going to with the the middy plus or femme fatale. I'm going to have my bangs cut longer to like 6" so I can do a pomp and victory rolls.

My mami sent me two boxes of yarn and things I left at home. Since her divorce she's been cleaning up and clearing out. She wants to simplify her life and make more time for herself. I don't blame her. She spent the last decade in Hell thanks to my father.  My mother was formally educated in Mexico but once she married my father her made her a housewife. For years she's been wanting to get her high school diploma  through a program in our hometown. She then wanted to go to college and become an LVN and work with elderly people. She's always had a soft spot for helping the elderly or young. I really hope she can do it.

We were going to get our hair cut this weekend but the husband got sick on Friday. He had a flare up of his diverticulitis.  It was making feel really crumby. He had a slight fever, stomach cramps, and other stomach issues. He took half a day off at work. We went into town to try and find a clinic since we don't have medical health cover yet. We went to two different places. One was a women's clinic so they couldn't take care of him. The other one was a clinic. They told us we could wait to see if someone cancelled an appointment but they couldn't guarantee that we would see the doctor. In other words, we could waste the whole day and not get seen. We left. I really can't believe how bad the medical system is out here. I'm used there being a lot of clinics we can go to without a problem. A lot of the clinics/doctor's offices out here are privately owned and don't get any help from the state. It makes it so that if you have a I wasn't going to waste the whole day. I gave some liquids and antibiotics. By Saturday morning he was feeling better.

Since the Husband wasn't feeling well I decided to try my hand at making  the Perky snood .I had tried making them before but the yarn I was using was the wrong weight.  Well I manged to make 3 snoods over the weekend. Now that I've been knitting I'm learning how to read patterns a lot better. The way I learned to crotchet was through diagrams not wording. I'll post pics of them once I get new batteries in my camera. Also, for the last couple of days I've been trying to figure this snood out. It's bee driving me nuts. I've already made and unmade 3 or 4 samples. I've got a basic idea for the pattern. I just need to fine tune it.

My younger sister is coming up in June to spend a couple of weeks with us. It'll be nice to have someone around during the day. Jess is super excited. He always wanted to have a little sister and his sister-in-law is as close as he's ever gonna get. We bought flowers for both of our mother. I wish I could be there to celebrate with my mom.
I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend. We want to add some shelves to the guest room so that Jess can display all of his anime figurines. I'd like a couple of shelves too. I'd like to have more of my things stored and within reach. We also need to transplant our seedlings outside. My soy beans and cucumbers are growing very well. I have a lot of tomato plants too so I may need to weed them out. Take the stronger ones outside to plant.
My in-laws and Jess's grandparents are coming a few weeks. It's exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. I like my in-laws it's just I haven't honed my hostess skills as of yet. We have not  had any one over that isn't family over. It's really hard to make friends in a town where the median age is 39. It seems everyone is either too old or too young for us to hang out with. We have better look in Reno but we only go out there once a month. We'll as long as Jesse and I have each other we should be fine.
Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my progress on my knitting and crotchet projects. Until next time, Ta!


  1. oh i hope your husband feels better now!!! these snoods are amazing, i also need to get one for me! and how exciting you will see soon your sister again!!!
    love and kiss,mary

    1. He's doing better now thankfully. It really is I miss my familia a lot.

  2. Visitors,especially family,always perk a gal up!
    I do hope your hubby comes right,my Aunt has the same disease,and I think operating and taking out some of the bowel is how they sorted her.
    Snoods!How glamourous!!! A sweet roll in front will be divine!
    Happy hair cut!XXX

    1. I hope he doesn't have to get surgery. We're going to have to change our eating habits so he doesn't get sick.
      I cant wait to wear my snoods out when I get my hair cut!

  3. Ojala y tu esposo se sienta mejor.
    No tiene aseguransa del trabajo or go get ayuda with el govierno.
    That sound looks muy bonito.
    hope to see your snood soon.
    Have fun with your little sister, I know I miss my sisters mucho.

    1. We don't have insurance right now, but once he gets hired on we'll hopefully get better coverage. We opted out because of the cost but that's not going to happen again.

  4. wow, hope your hubby feels better, and its so sweet of you to make him a snood!
    thanks for sharing your story hun!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  5. I hope he's ok!

    That snood is great - perky indeed!