Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week Zero

This is the week of our wedding reception. We're getting the last details together. I'm excited and nervous even though we're not having a ceremony. I've got almost everything packed. Just need the hubby to finish making a few selections. Luckily everything is falling in place and order. I'm so happy to have a family that has been very supportive and helpful.

My mom told me over the weekend that my father wants to come to the reception and congratulate my on my marriage. I had a feeling that he would end up doing something like this. It still remains to be seen if he actually shows up. To be honest, I don't really feel anything about it. I mean, you would think I would be angry or upset but I guess I'm over him. If he wants to wish us the best, great . If he decides to flake, then it won't ruin my day. All I want if for my mom and my siblings to be there. Their the ones that have always been there to help and support us.

I'm trying to leave the house as tidy as possible so that when we come back we dont have to worry about cleaning up. Lent begins tomorrow. It'll be a new experience for Jesse. We went to Costco to get the basics when I told him it would be good to get some seafood for Lent. Often we don't realize what we're eating. He started naming off foods that he could eat on Fridays but like 90% of them had meat of sort. I bought some Garlic and Sea Salt Mahi Mahi and some shrimp tempura. I can make plenty of dishes with that for a few weeks.

These are the flowers that Jesse got me for Valentine's Day
I do love getting flowers but they die so quickly. You'll have to excuse the mess on the table. It's been a perpetual mess for the last couple of weeks. Once we get back I plan on using the hobby room for its intended purpose: hobbies. I'm going to ask my mother-in-law for a few sprigs of succulents so I can have some kind of plants in the house.

I probably won't post for a few days. I really appreciate everyone's comments. Thank you for reading what this girl thinks in this world. Until next time, Ta!


  1. hehe costco never fails ! thanks for sharing your story hun xoxo

  2. I know. They shipped and delivered our flowers in 24 hours. Pretty quick.

  3. Buena Suerte on your special day amor!
    I am officially on Lent and dying for a cake right now.
    good old Costco.
    A mi me encanta las flores, what a sweetie tu novio.