Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Back!

Well we made it through the weekend alive and had fun. It really was a whirlwind. I really didn't think that it would go by so quickly.
I had so much fun. I had been looking forward to this party for a long time. We had a rough patch with Jesse losing his job, but thank God things worked out for us. It was the first time in three months that I had any alcohol. People kept refilling my champagne glass and offering to get me more beer.

I felt pretty that day. I really did. I don't always feel pretty or like I look good. I did my own hair and make-up. I was going to have someone do my hair but felt it was silly to pay $80 for a hairstyle when I don't usually like what people do to my hair. I rolled my hair in foam rollers and slept in them over night. That's the only way the curls will last all day. I didn't remove the curlers until around 4 pm on the day of the reception. I did my make up at my in-laws' house and boy am I glad I did. There would have been no time at the center. Once we began taking our photos things just went faster. Before I knew it the room was full of people and people were having fun.

Oh yeah, my father showed up. I really didn't want him there but I wasn't going to kick him out. Of course my poor mom didn't enjoy the day and who would when your cheating, abusive, demeaning husband is just there to look good in front of people. The only good thing about him going was that got enough money from the dollar dance to buy myself a new washer.
everyone was worried that I was upset. I wasn't really upset. I was indifferent towards him.

The food was great. I hadn't had carnitas ( fried pork butt) that juicy and tasty in a long time. The cake was great too. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. We got a ton of presents. Like the backseat and trunk were completely full. It was a really nice surprise. We got a lot of kitchen things.

I don't know when we're going to get our pics back but here's one of us and our cake. I really like the way our cake turned out.




  1. Amor pareces una muñequita de pastel!
    Big happy congrats!!
    tu vestido esta tan hermoso!
    veil flower hat te quedo lindisimo
    ni modo!! at least you got some mula out your evil Papa.
    You two make such cute couple.
    I want some of your Super Mario cake!

    1. Muchisimas gracias! The cake was so yummy. I'm thinking about dying the dress dark green or plum so I can wear it out more often.

  2. de nada!
    oh that's a buena idea dying your dress green.
    I kept mine for recuerdos.
    I'm more of a ranchera than a chola now,lol
    donde es IE?

    1. Its the Inland Empire. It consists of Riverside and San Bernandino Counties. It's like an hour sound of Anaheim.

  3. Aye!! Que tonta soy, I'm forgetting stuff here in England.
    si My familia vive cercas de alli.

  4. hi beautiful, i found your blog. i think that is georgous.

    i'm following you since now :)

    follow me too if you want

    with love.

  5. hey don't feel silly for an $80 haircut, if it looks n makes u feel good then go for gold =D thanks for sharing your story hun xoxo

  6. hi beautiful post!i found your blog and i'm in love with him! :)
    i'm following you since now
    you can follow me if you want too :)


  7. Si creo que si tambien ,tiene que ver mucho with what I been eating lately, like a warning.
    I just don't get headaches I suffer from chiari malformation which prevents me from walking. I had a migraine for about 6 hrs. my most severe migraines take about 14 hrs.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you have something that affects you so badly. I hope you start feeling better.

  8. You and your husband are so cute! And your cake was gorgeous. Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at , if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  9. Wow, you look absolutely lovely!
    I'm really enjoying your blog, you are very honest and it's a pleasure to be involved in your life through your blog, so thank you! x

  10. You look beautiful in your dress I also adore your hair flower & veil.

    The wedding cake is ADORABLE! My hubs and I had sailor moon characters on the top of our cake.

    1. Thank you. We tried to find Mario and Peach figurines but none of the ones I were to my liking. It's awesome that you had Sailor Moon on your cake.