Monday, April 7, 2014

YouTube: What I'm Watching

Hello my dear readers. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent some time working on our backyard and had of first BBQ of the season yesterday. Yay! The wind finally calmed down enough to start the grill up. Wind is a huge factor for us because we love to use our charcoal grill and don't want to risk embers flying up and starting a fire.

Today I wanted to let all of you into my YouTube world. The videos and channels I subscribe to. I truly love YouTube. It can be a helpful place. You can find almost anything you want to learn or do there. I learned to knit from using many of the helpful tutorial on YouTube. I still use it to learn new techniques or refresh my memory.

Today I will show you some of my favorite channels. They aren't all vintage/retro inspired but I thoroughly enjoy them.

A Vintage Vanity: This is a chnnel hosted by Jennifer. She has awesome tutorials on vintage/retro hair, a sewing serious and talks about her life and he hobbies. She is really fun and her videos are easy and helpful. I love all of her videos and am always eager for the next one.

Cooking With Dog  I love this show. If you love Japanese food and a cute dog mascot named Francis this show is for you. Chef and Francois will walk you through many authenic Japanese meals and desserts.

Lisa Fremont Street  Im sure a lot of vintage/retro gals have come across Ashley's channel at one point or another. Here is a lady that works her butt off, bringing  us great hair tutorials, product reviews, VLV tips, and makeup reviews. She has a lot of cute and fancy hair tutorials.

RunnyRunny999 RunnyRunny is a Japanese man who started making how to videos for fun. He makes great easy meals and is very entertaining too.

CherryDollFace Cherry is another awesome lady who does hair and makeup tutorials. She's easy to follow and has a great personality too. I particularly love the winged eyeliner tutorial of hers. Here eyebrow tutorial is also good.

These are a few of the channels I look forward to whenever I check out my YouTube feed. Do you have any favorite channels. Let me know in the comments.

I hope everyone's week goes well and is a good one.


  1. A big "yay" for your first BBQ of the year!!! With sunshine finally, gloriously, returning here this week at long last, I hope that ours won't be far off. I adore BBQ food so much, I could eat it every day for life and never tire of it.

    Lovely selection of Youtube channels. I've been following Lisa's for years now (and more recently, following her on Instagram) and think she is crazy talented.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)