Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snow Fall and Some Great Finds

Well, it's definitely fall in Northern Nevada. On Monday, we awoke to our first snowfall of the season. This first photo I toke at 5am. It made me very happy when I looked out the window and there was a good 2" of snow on the ground and the flakes that were coming down were thick and fluffy. After I got the hubby off to work I went back to sleep. I can't function well that early in the morning. It's better than getting up at 4 am.

 photo ed5ac8c6-8307-4918-8f26-3ee1388c65ef_zpsa8b6fe3a.jpg

The wonderful thing about cats is that they are nature's own alarm clocks.Even if we don't want them to be. Ridley is dead set on having his breakfast at 7:30 every morning. Sometimes he's more cold than hungry and we'll sleep in until 8:30 am. I woke up, feed the cat and took a few photos. It is so wonderful to see the clouds coming over the Sierras and into the valley. You can literally see the snow coming over the mountains sometimes.

 photo IMG_1253_zps76eb6271.jpg

 photo IMG_1254_zps2c823cdc.jpg

Of course, it melted all away by noon but it was a wonderful surprise. This is the earliest snowfall we've had in the almost 3 years we've been here. Maybe we'll get more snow this year. I'm hoping my mom and nephews will be able to come up for Christmas. The kids have never somewhere where there's snow on the ground. Jess is getting really excited about it. He wants to take the kids sledding.

A few weeks ago, I went to the annual Elks Lodge Flea Market. One of the great things about living in a rural area is that there are plenty of treasure to find and at great prices. Since Jess works so ealry, I decided to walk to the flea market. I took my hiking bag, which has a water bladder. Water bladders are great for when you go hiking or extended walks.We often use it when we go for walks around the neighborhood. It was a cold morning so I dressed for it. Unfortunately, once I got out in the sun I realized  had over dressed. I'm still surprised how cold it can be in the shadows but as soon as you get in the sun, you feel great.

 I decided to go ahead and walk to the flea market. I got there and went straight to the jewelry. I always try to get to the jewelry and patterns first so I have time to look through it and pick out what I want. I then move onto arts/crafts supplies, Christmas decorations and finally look at purses/clothes.

This is what I came home with. I was very pleased with everything I bought.  I bought a vintage zig zag afghan, several purses, several bunches of fake flowers, a couple of scarves, a handful of jewelry, a cinch belt, a vintage Dutch tin,some vintage Christmas ornaments and of course my awesome Samsonite train case.

 photo photo-32_zps6b9bac93.jpg

Vintage Jamaica souvenir  straw and raffia purse. Not quite a shoulder bag or a hand bag.
 photo IMG_1256_zps041c6175.jpg

 photo IMG_1257_zpsd4361c73.jpg

Awesome vintage macrame handbag with Lucite handles. I think this one may be homemade.
 photo IMG_1258_zps0b1b676d.jpg

Here's a close up of the afghan. I was think about making myself one. I love the pattern. I love making things but sometimes it's just cheaper to buy them second hand.
 photo IMG_1281_zps0e737c60.jpg

Can I let y'all into a little secret? I haven't bought any new Christmas ornaments/decorations since we moved out. All of my ornaments and decorations have been bought at garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. I see not point in buying new. It's so expensive and don't have the charm of vintage items.

I love the drawings on these jingle bells. I just wish peolpe would stop writing prices on the front of packages. If there wasn;t a huge 10cents on the front of this package I would have framed it and hung it up.
 photo a6ab744e-a417-47c9-8847-44ffbb4ff1b1_zps060b26ba.jpg

I complete box of ornaments some embossed with "Merry Christmas" and a wintery scene.
 photo 31eafe63-4219-405b-ad0b-140505e3dc57_zpscf5dec46.jpg

 photo IMG_1267_zps614c3182.jpg

 photo IMG_1268_zps0fb9ed5d.jpg

Hand Blown and Decorated box of ornaments. I also found a lone glass drummer man. I removed to of the round ornaments to safe guard him.
 photo 73ca2971-550a-4c3d-9a13-9e31028fddb3_zpse37e5919.jpg 

I love how each tree is different and unique.
 photo IMG_1270_zps03218926.jpg

 photo fe4d881a-1733-49ea-8e40-d08694d7f243_zpsc688d715.jpg

I bought this vintage Dutch tin for 50cents. It has embossed garlands around the top and sides.
 photo d0b9c857-1c30-4968-a8c1-07ead40cad54_zpsb2cd2915.jpg

Here she is. My beautiful mustard Samsonite train case. She was a bit grubby but I mostly cleaned her up. I cleaned up the outside and the inside. The mirror and interior are in great condition. It smells a bit like old makeup but a dryer sheet should get rid of the smell. She has the original key and the locks work well. The best thing about her? She was only $1! Yep $1. Doubt I'll ever find a cheaper one.
 photo IMG_1272_zpsead0073c.jpg

 photo IMG_1273_zpsa65d3f1c.jpg

 photo 19fb95d8-3f4a-4a26-a725-4e04d45e3a99_zps7e3a5d3f.jpg

Of course, Ridley had to be in the shot. He knocked it over.
 photo IMG_1275_zps2daba3c0.jpg

 photo IMG_1276_zps9f1335c9.jpg

 photo 62eaa285-d09f-4bca-933b-5853b3a589e5_zpsb3aa8c24.jpg

These are a few of the pairs of earrings I bought. The daisies are something else. I bought a lot more earrings but didn't feel up to taking photos of all of them. Most are clip-ons.
 photo IMG_1286_zps572c6c8a.jpg

 photo IMG_1284_zps708f8fe8.jpg

I kept these two pairs for myself. The red hoops turned out to be Bakelite. Not bad for a 10cent purchase. The bottom earrings are enamel clip ons.
 photo IMG_1288_zps6728a8c8.jpg

And here is my growing tower of train cases. I love how the colors look great together. I may need to paint my dresser. But that will have to wait until Spring. No way am I jumping on a painting job during cold weather.
 photo IMG_12792_zps13ef617b.jpg

I hope everyone has a great week and a fun,safe Hallowed!


  1. Snow!!! That's amazing!
    And a tower of train cases?!!!! Love it! That new one is immaculate - great score!

    1. I love snow. It's one of the perks of living so far north. Not as north as some but the furthest I've ever lived.

      I was so happy with the train case. I love mustard colored vintage anything.

  2. What great finds, love that afghan the colors are amazing and always a fan of vintage Christmas decorations. Snow on the other hand i'm really not ready for, hopefully won't be coming to Michigan any time soon!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I do not envy you the cold winters Michigan gets. We have winter highs in the 20s and 30s without the wind chill. I love watching the snow fall but rarely play with it.

  3. The snow looks beautiful! Well done on some more fantastic finds! Love the train cases. I use mine so often. I'm thinking I might need another one in a different color now after seeing your three together ;)

    1. Thanks Elisa! I love watching the snow fall and accumulate. It's so beautiful. I was surprised as to how well the three train cases complimented each other.

  4. Love the finds! $1 train case, love it!!! And I need to find myself some daisy earrings. I have a daisy necklace, but no earrings.

    1. Thanks Sean! I figured they'd want around $5 but lucky me just a buck. This is the first pair of daisy earrings I've ever run across. They have an interesting back too. Not your typical pressure clip on.

  5. wooow you already had a bit of snow there? thats really amazing! here it´s still pretty warm but i hope at least this year we will have a white christmas, seasons changed crazily last years and those two bags you found are so fabulous!

    1. Thanks Mary Lou! People at my husband's work have been saying we're going to have a lot more snow this year. We got a white Christmas last year. It was awesome.

  6. I may very well have said it before, but I'll say it again! You and I must meet up and go thrift/vintage shopping together one day. You have such awesome luck on that front. Ten cent Bakelite earrings? Really, does it get any more fabulous? Lovely items (Christmas decor very much included) across the board. Have a blast with all these new (old!) treasures, darling gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica. I would love to meet p with you one day. One of the reasons my luck is so good is because people don't know what they have. I'm still hoping and praying I find an aluminum Christmas tree for a killer prize.

  7. Many treasures! I have never seen snow, I live on an island with sub-tropical climate, so I am greatly enjoying your photos and your adventures. A thousand kisses.

    1. Snow is truly beautiful! I have always loved and am lucky to live somewhere where I can get a white Christmas.