Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mysti Luxe is Hosting a Giveaway, So Go Check Her Out!

I hope everyone's week is going well. I'm still getting used to getting up at 4am to get the husband ready and on the way to work. It's flipping hard and I give props to anyone who can do this. Wow. I don't think I could  think  much less work that early in the day.We're getting through it some how.

 photo giftcertificaqte_zps51b54a2b.jpg

Anyways, enough about that. The reason for this  post is to let y'all know that Mysti Luxe from One Girls Love Affair with the 50s is hosting a giveaway. She is graciously giving away a $15 gift certificate for her store Sinister SweetHearts. Be sure to check out her blog for your chance to enter.

Hope everyone keeps having a great week.



  1. I fully understand - there have been some times during the course of our marriage when Tony had to get up super early for work, too. Even now, he's up at 5am-ish most mornings, as he starts work at 6. I'm an ultra light (freakishly light - it's annoying, let me tell you!) sleeper, so I often get woken up when his alarm goes off and start my day then, too (unless I was already awake because I didn't sleep that night, which is a fairly common occurrence).

    I hope that things become easier for you both. The human body can often adapt fairly well to changes in sleep patterns, but for most people, getting up at 4am will probably never seem completely normal (a time to wake up, I mean).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I usually fall back asleep once I get his breakfast and lunch ready. I'll tell you I've been having the weirdest dreams so that's not helping me much.

  2. Mari, dont forget to go comment on Deb's blog that you liked the shop and posted here in your blog! Thats how the entries get counted! xox

  3. I will definitely stop by! Thanks for the heads up.