Thursday, March 14, 2013

The thrift gods have been kind

I haven't been thrifting since I got back from our Vegas trip so I figured I'd post some of my recent finds.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to finally get my tooth filled. Once I get done I'll be hitting up the local thrift stores and see what goodies I come across.

Last weekend we spent the whole day in Reno. We went to get my rings cleaned. They're insured so I have to have them cleaned every 6 months or else the insurance becomes void. We also went to the local swap meet which was really small. We went to the Goodwill on Neil Rd and I found a few items at great prices.

Vintage Fox fur collar $1.99 The cashier let me have it cheap since there was no price tag. :)  I really want to find a vintage coat with a fur collar but this will definitely keep me happy for a while.

 photo IMG_0944_zps0c002396.jpg

 photo IMG_0937_zpse92647c3.jpg

Vintage Golden Harvest Glass Pitcher $1.99   I love collecting pitches but am really picky about their conditions and style. It was a little dirty on the inside but a good soak with vinegar got rid of all the gunk.
 photo IMG_0934_zps0bf7af9e.jpg

My first piece of vintage Pyrex $1.99  Jesse is always saying while I like glassware. There' s several reasons: 1) I  like the weight of it and to me it makes them more stable. 2) They last a long time willing you don't drop them. 3) Fabulous designs.
 photo IMG_0929_zps9e05da11.jpg

I also bought a few glasses, a picture frame and a necklace there. It  was a great score there.

At Junkie's I just bought one thing. I've been tryng to limit myself to one item that really makes a statement. I haven't bought anything there in a while besides vintage buttons. Until this weekend. I found these awesome Celluloid carved earrings. They have that vintage bone color to them. Like a nice cream color. They're also very light and comfortable to wear.

 photo IMG_0941_zpsedb1ac44.jpg

These guys I bought off of eBay for a steal. I really like the glitter Lucite earrings but they're either in bad conditions or way too expensive. My lovely lipstick holder gal  has been modeling them for me. I love her to pieces but my lipsticks don't fit in there. Oh well I'm sure I'll find her a something to do.
 photo IMG_0943_zps3542bfdd.jpg

This lovely pair of chalk-ware poodles I bought at a local estate sale. I originally wanted to go on Saturday but we spend the whole day in Reno so we went Sunday. I figured all the good stuff had already been bought. Not everything. They were hanging out in the garage and I snatched them up. Since it was Sunday everything in the house was 50% off! Yep I got these puppies for $1.75 for the pair. Jess thought I was gonna sale them. Nope, they're going up in the hallway. I also bought a bag of yarn for $2.50 There were at least six skeins of yarn in there. It was a steal.
 photo IMG_0936_zps9256cbf2.jpg

As I mentioned in my previous post, while we were in Vegas we went to a swap meet.  I love me a good swap meet and this one turned out great. I came across a booth that had a a look of cool looking stuff so my mom and I stopped to check it out. I'm glad we did.

Cute pair of hound dog salt and pepper shaker.
 photo IMG_0959_zpsf18df37b.jpg

This is the girl dog. You can tell by her blue eyeshadow.
 photo IMG_0962_zps7fb28e68.jpg

Boy dog.
 photo IMG_0961-Copy_zps42699496.jpg

Cute Scottie dog shakers.
 photo IMG_0963_zpsaa8af504.jpg
 Both of these shaker sets are in great condition and have the original plugs

I bought a few near-mind condition vintage sweaters. This sweater is still in package. I washed and dried all of sweaters so they are ready to sell when I get around to it. I bought these two ivory sweater, a blue sweater, and a green wool sweater.

 photo IMG_0954_zps42dfb385.jpg

 photo IMG_0945_zps00d277e4.jpg

I bought this on a whim because it reminded me of the type of blouses women in the 1950's wore during the summer on the beach. Wish it were my size but I don't think I could ever get that small.
 photo IMG_0947_zps5ac98eeb.jpg

Brand-new with tag garter belt. *sigh* yet another items I wish I could wear.
 photo IMG_0953_zps2c6435bb.jpg

Mint condition  silver clutch. This still has the original stuff to hold it's shape.
 photo IMG_0958_zpsdf2ec4fa.jpg

A cute vintage women's work shirt. At first I thought it was for a little boy but then I noticed that it has "Helen" on one of the sleeves. I love bowling shirts and shoes.
 photo IMG_0950_zps2676b8f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0952_zps9ae5d53c.jpg

Not sure if these are men's or women's shoes. They're leather and have never been used. The only down side is that they shoes laces don't match. No biggie.
 photo IMG_0955_zps34d2683c.jpg

This dress was hidden in a 3 foot pile of clothing. I love Asian print clothes and I just saw the color of this peaking out. I dug through everything and pulled this beauty out. Mint condition with tag Peony Shanghai dress. It is so gorgeous! Beautiful color and detail. Yet again making me wish I was all petite and tiny.
 photo IMG_0968_zps18875b43.jpg

 photo IMG_0969_zpse3933e7f.jpg

 photo IMG_0970_zpsd9ba1805.jpg

That booth made my day. I was getting great prices on these items until the man's wife stepped in. It never ceases to amaze me how men will sell items a lot cheaper than women. Oh well. Once I set up a shop, I'm sure they'll sell. I've decided to open an Etsy shop once I figure out a name I like. I've been having a great time finding vintage items and decided that I may as well sell them instead of just letting them collect dust in my closet. Once I get everything set up, I'll let everyone know.

Here's Ridley helping. He decided that the pitcher need to be investigated and given his seal of approval. That cat is so nosy. It's cute.

 photo IMG_0933_zps9d9992b4.jpg

Has anyone every seen a Disco ball but a saddle? Yup it's a Disco Saddle. Jess took this photo at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. It's pretty cool. It hangs over the dance floor at the cowboy themed bar. I hope everyone had a great week/weekend. Wish me luck, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow.
 photo IMG_0927-Copy_zps81fd96e2.jpg


  1. Fantastic finds!! I especially love the celluloid earrings! The poodles are too cute!

    1. Thanks! I loved carved earrings. I'd love to own more Bakelite earrings but they are pricey.

  2. wooow really really great finds! especially the poodles and gosh i love asiatic prints too, that dress is soooo wonderful! i never found something like that :(

    1. Thank you. I have an Asian print fabric that I hope to make into a Chinese top some time in the future.

  3. OOOOO, love the fur collar, the pitcher, Ridley, the scottie salt and pepper shakers and the Pyrex bowl most of all, butt he frock is a splendid find!!! I've never found a cheong sam to fit, they're just not for us curvy wneches! Great fabric, though! The earrings are also fact, you have scored big and FABULOUSLY! Can't wait to see what you pick up in Reno! XXX

    1. Thanks. I know that dress is pretty gorgeous. Us ladies with curves are much more interesting don't you think?
      I actually picked up the collar, pitcher, earrings, and bowl in Reno. I usually don't come away with so many goodies.

  4. I have a coat you may be interested in actually! Its not relisted at the moment (let me know if that link doesnt work)

    and those poodles are killin me. I love them!

    1. That's a nice jacket. Let me see how we do this month. I have to go to the dentist and don't know how much it will set us back.

    2. I'll hold off on re-listing it for awhile and reserve it for you. We should meet up at mill end fabrics or have dinner somewhere sometime! I work in carson city so I'm all ready down there

    3. Dinner or shopping would be fun! If you need to post the jacket by all means go ahead. I forgot we need to pay taxes too. Not as much as if we were in Cali but still it throws you for a loop.

  5. Wow you did great. I can't wait for the weather to get better here so I can start going to estate sales.

    1. Thanks. My mom is coming up in a couple of weeks and is ready to hit the all the sales (garage/yard/estate).

  6. Oh man! That deadstock Peony dress! The poodles! The salt shakers! You DID make quite the haul. Good work, lady! :)

    1. Thanks! I've never found a dead stock item before so I was pretty happy. It would have made me happier if it were my size but I'm sure it'll make someone happy.

  7. You went to town. Great finds. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  8. Well clearly the thrift stores have been missing you terribly, which is why they turned on the charm and you got some amazing bargains - what beauties all the S&P shakers are! Love the blue eye-shadow on the dog and the fur collar is so fabulously huge - I LOVE it! Yes, guys are generally more generous at the till and I do hope your tooth is behaving. I need to get my broken molar filled pronto. xo

    1. They must have been. :) I'm so happy I finally got a fur collar that I can wear and fancy up my sweaters. I finally went to the dentist and got it taken care of. I feel so much better.

  9. The thrift gods were indeed good!! Look at that fur collar! And your salt and pepper shakers! And the bowling shirts! Love!


    1. Thanks. That bowling shirt really put it into perspective how tiny some women were.

  10. Those puppy heads were an absolute steal. They're always a mint on Etsy. :D LOVELY fox fur collar; looks fab on you! What amazing finds! Thank you for your sweet comment and follow. So glad I found your blog!

    1. Thank you! I plan on selling them once I get everything set up. The fur collar is one of my prized possessions. I can't wait to pair it with a black cardigan or blouse.