Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Skirt

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was a bit hot and sticky. The weather took a turn for the warmer and humid. It was in the low 90's and me had high humidity. I'm so glad that I decided to wear my hair up. I was going to try this awesome up do I did a wet set and slept on it. The top looked great but my bangs not so much. I realized that as I was trying to do the bangs that my hair really doesn't evenly. It's more noticeable around the hairline. I've been debating cutting my hair in the middy plus or femme fatale but with longer bangs. This pretty hairstyle pretty much cemented the idea for me. I couldn't get my hair into the nice curls because they were too frizzy and too long. Instead I just did a bumper bang with it. I really liked this hairstyle and will definitely be adding to my regular hairstyles.  Here's a couple of pics I snapped while getting ready. Please excuse my naked face.



I really liked the way the bumper bang turned out. Curling my hair really helped shape it. Sometimes I'm amazed at how flexible and pliable hair is.

We picked up my little sister on Saturday. Her flight was like an hour and a half late so we had some time to kill. We went to the Goodwill in Reno but left quickly after getting there. The female shoppers there are crazy. They're pushy and stalk you as if you know some hidden secret spot to find things. Oh and Jess saw a crack whore so yeah we left.
We killed time at the local Starbucks. I had a white chocolate mocha iced. Oh that was totally delicious. I had had it blended before and didn't really liked. It lost all of the delicate flavors and tasted like watered down coffee at best. Iced was delicious. I could taste all of the chocolate and it was very creamy. Yum.

After we picked up my sister we went to Rockabilly Riot. We eat at Johnny Rockets first. They food was quick and delicious. I saw a few rockabillies there. It was a nice gathering. There were a ton of nice cars there. Not as many shops and stores as I thought there would have been. There was a shop where girls could have their hair done. A lot of victory rolls. I didn't see a single girl with anything but victory rolls. I didn't really take a lot of pics because it was miserably hot. I did take my paper parasol and am I glad I did. I think I would have gotten sun burned.


This is the only full outfit shot I got. The husband gets irritable in hot weather. This car was really bitching. It was super sparkly and glittery. I love it. It sounded like a dream too. I need to make a simple A-line petticoat for this skirt. I tried to wear my regular petticoat in in and it just didn't work. I also went with flats and boy an I glad I did.  We walked around a lot and my feet were super hot. I got sunburned on the top of my feet. Yeah I burn to easily.

Until next time, I hope you all have a pleasant day.


  1. oh wow but this picture of you is amazing! i love your hair, the beautiful flower in it, sunnies and that pineapple skirt! you have to convince your husband to take more photos of you because i want to see more! you really look great darling!

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering to take pictures or bring my hubby's camera. Especially when my purse is on the smaller side.

  2. Check you out! Que hermosa! amo todo tu oufit and pineapple falda esta divina.

    1. Gracias. I'm very proud of the skirt. It turned out preciosa.