Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Hot Then It's Cold

For the last few days we have been having very summery weather. It was in the high 70's and low 80's. It was a nice change of pace. I got to open the house up and let the wind cool of the house. I also let in a ton of dust. It annoys me that I get things all nice and clean then the wind picks up and dust comes through the unseen crack.
The Husband bought a surround sound for the living room. It got here Friday. It's pretty big. But, it does sound really awesome. We rented The Darkest Hour and Immortals on Saturday. It really is like being in the theater. Playing video games on it too is pretty cool. You can here a lot more of the details of what's going on in the games. It's pretty cool.

We had lunch at Del Taco one of favorite places to eat. We went to Downtown Carson and I saw a TON of these poster
I mean they were everywhere. On light posts, fences,windows, just everywhere. I remembered that Kony is a war lord in African that uses young boys to do his dirty work. I think is was like 6 and 7 years olds with guns.
 The main reason I find this amazing  is that Nevada is a conservative Republican state. We don't see very much in the way of protests or people going against the political norm. We have found out that we can't openly express our political views because 1) we're from California and 2) we consider ourselves Liberal.
For some reason, people in Northern Nevada can't stand Californians. Why? No one that I have asked really knows they just do.

Enough about politics, back to shopping. I went to  this one little thrift store in the back part of Carson. I've been there before and have found some nice things. I went in and found a couple of purses and a pretty little runner. The bad part was that they only took cash and I had none. I was raised to always have some cash on me in case of emergency. Since we've been married, we don't really keep much money on us. I find it annoying because I curve my spending by having cash. I'll only spend what I have. But with an ATM there's no way to tell how much I'm spending. So tell the lady I'll try and be back by 3 if not to put them back.  Anyways, Jesse and I have an argument over something stupid and we never make it back. I did make it back on Monday after I got a manicure and pedicure. Boy did I need one like super bad. I just don't feel good if my nails are looking all raggedy. Girl's gotta have some pride.

So onto my haul. Since summer is coming up I thought I should have some summer purses. I have a couple of straw ones but wanted a wicker or raffia one. I hit the jack pot! It's very clean on the inside and out. There are so tears or damaged of any type.

Next, I always seem to find patent black purses. This one has a really cute gingham lining still has the original mirror. It's in vintage shape: cloudy and speckled. I also like the fact that the handle is made of some metal and is really sturdy.

I like the doctor's bag look this purse has. It's very roomy.I think this purse hadn't seen the light of day for a long time. It had a fine coat of dust on it. I cleaned it right up and it looks great. This purse has the matching change  purse.


Lately, I've been obsessing about getting a vintage vanity or desk. I think it would look nice in our bedroom and we have the space for it too. Jesse doesn't seem to like the idea of it but I'll get my way in the end. I've been "collecting" some embroidery linen. I say "collecting" because I only have 3 pieces. I'd like to get a lot more but unfortunately they're super expensive at the antique store.  I saw this runner and had to have it.Photobucket



I love the detail of this runner especially the hearts. Have I ever told you I'm a sucker for hearts. My engagement ring has a heart on it. I've always had a fascination with hearts. I just like what they look like and what they represent. Love, unity and devotion.

There's this big antique market going on this weekend in Reno. It's called Tanner's Market It's held four times a year which either makes it good or not so good. I'm hoping I can talk the husband into going. It's been super windy again. I wonder if Spring will ever get here.

Until next time, Ta!


  1. Cute bolsas!
    I love the doctor bag the most.
    I have always wanted a cool popcorn machine.
    your swallow/heart embroidery linen is adorable.
    I too adorar corazones because I am so passional.

    1. Gracias. We "had" a smaller popcorn machine but we gave it back. Mi esposo is super happy with it. He's always saying "do you want some popcorn?" It's cute.